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My name is Arijana Sarkić, and I was born in Bosnia. Ever since I was little, I had a huge love for dogs. Growing up in Bosnia with so many strays in every corner, I used to bring them home, feed them, and sneak them in when it was snowing out.


Although I grew up in a culture where everyone thinks dog should be outside, I always felt that it was just wrong.


I moved to the USA when I was 19. Seeing dogs that live in the comfort of a home, and taken care of, I knew I had to somehow help the dogs in Bosnia.

In 2014, I took a trip to Bosnia and visited a shelter in my hometown, Bihać. My heart was broken to pieces. I felt so helpless and overwhelmed seeing over 200 dogs locked in cages and exposed to outside elements. With the power of social media, I raised funds for the shelter, and I promised myself one day I would find a way to help them even more.

I knew the best solution is to find them homes and bring them here to the USA.


For a while I looked for ways and I couldn't find anyone willing to get organized and arrange transport here. In the beginning of 2016, I found The Tanzie Project via Facebook.


At first I couldn't believe it such organization existed! I joined their group and got in contact with Katie. I knew I had to somehow help, so I started donating here and there. Yet after seeing so many successful rescues, I knew I had to help in different ways, so I officially joined “Team Tanzie” to serve as a Director.

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