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My laid-back USA life!

Hey everypawdy!

So if you haven't seen all the posts my momma's put up of me, my name is Miyu. I was apart of the Fab 5! I too was a Bosnian street pup. But this nice lady named Nina took me in and apparently she had some pretty fantastic hookups cause I got put in this crate and put on a plane! Can you believe that?! A plane?!?!

Well anyways, when I got here my momma, dad, cousin, and my new uncle were all waiting for me! My momma started crying when she saw me. See she hadn't known for very long that she was getting me. Lilly's momma (her cousin) had sent my mom a picture of me and told her I needed a home. That I was coming to the USA soon and still didn't have my own family to go to. Well after a little bit of staring at my pictures and talking to Tanzie's mom, Katie, and of course my daddy going on and on about me, my momma decided her pack could use another member. It doesn't end there though - just like Tanzie, I had a ruff time adjusting to my new home and my big brother and sister. I was defensive. I didn't know any different. I didn't like when they tried to play with me because I didn't know what they were doing. I didn't take treats from anyone even my momma and I liked to stay hidden under the sofa or in my crate. I wasn't allowed to be left out with my brother and sister when my parents weren't home. Well after about two months I still wasn't very trusting of my new siblings but I wasn't scared or defensive around them anymore either I started to lay down on the sofa and use my orthopedic bed mom got me. So that's when we took my first trip to the dog park! Oh boy did I have fun. At first I wasn't sure about all these dogs but after I realized we could play run and chase that was it! I ran and ran and then out of nowhere I decided I was gonna go swim in the lake and scare my daddy half to death. Then one day I decided my siblings weren't so bad after all. Within a week I had surprised my mom and dad because me and my brother were attached at the hip always playing even when it's bedtime we can barely stop. And my older sister and i found common ground in soft blankies. I still always know where the exits are whenever we go into a store or house but my momma says that's cause I'm a smart pup with street sense... whatever that means. Also my daddy made me a den under their bed so if there's a lot of people or dogs and I get overwhelmed I can go have some time to myself when I want it. I even let my big brother in there sometimes! Life in the US is pretty laid back. My mom and dad like to take me everywhere with them too so that's awesome. I've got to go to West Virginia, hike a mountain, go mudding, in dads jeep. Don't worry though momma found me a car harness so I'm buckled in when we off-road. So there's a little rundown of my life as a adventure pup or as a coyfox as my daddy likes to call me since people always tell my parents I look like a coyote or people ask them if I'm mixed with a fox. Can you believe that?!? They think I'm part fox!

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