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Approximately 5 years old
Medium size, about 25 kg

This is Doxi, he was rescued 2 years ago.  His rescuers sort of "knew" the person who owned him, and once he got bored with him he wanted to kill him.  They couldn't let that happen so they took him with them.  He is now about 5 years old.  He is neutered.  

He is completely vaccinated and also revaccinated.  He has received 2 dhpp vaccines, and the 3rd revaccination this year.  He also has received 2 rabies shot as one of them was out of the date.

He is sweet, great with other dogs, and great with people.  He is not good with cats, he barks at them and chases them.  He is energetic, he loves to play, and explore. He knows how to walk on a leash and will stay with you when off the leash (at least has for his rescuers with no problems).  Doxi is a very lovely dog, a typical hunting dog with a lot of energy even he is 5 years old. 

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