The work we do with your help wouldn't be "pawsible" without the dedication of local rescuers in Bosnia, who we call our "Rescue Partners."

Our Rescue Partners (RPs) provide the "boots-on-the-ground" support to the homeless dogs of Bosnia. We at The Tanzie Project (TTP) are proud of the work we all do together, and in the spirit of that pride, we want to showcase these “pawesome” people!

Our Rescue Partners are either people we have personally met or worked with in Bosnia, or who have been referred to us and have been vetted through our application process. We require a binding support agreement with our RPs that outlines specific procedures, timelines, and financial reporting requirements that must be met at all times. This ensures we are providing the best possible support to Bosnian animals while at the same time being good stewards of our supporters’ generous donations. 


Any agreement in which an RP is found not to be in compliance will be nullified, and TTP will no longer support the RP’s efforts.


To learn more about our relationships and efforts with Rescue Partners, please read our Disclaimer and Release of Liability.

"Meet" our rescue partners!*




We know our supporters place the utmost trust in our handling of donations, and we aim to be transparent in all aspects of our mission. While most requests for financial support will be through an official TTP fundraiser, sometimes TTP cannot provide all the support a rescuer needs for their animals. As a result, we advise Rescue Partners to post rescue-support fundraisers on their personal social media pages. While we do not want to discourage donating to these fundraisers, we want to make it clear that we can not provide any charitable donation tax documentation, nor verify your donation goes to a directly supported program, for donations sent to these individual fundraisers.

While we do encourage our supporters’ interaction with our Rescue Partners, they should not solicit supporters for donations or other financial support directly on behalf of TTP, whether by social media, phone, email, or any other means.


If you ever feel you’ve been solicited directly for monetary support in this manner, please notify us immediately.

For more information on our financial reporting and to read our donation advisory, visit our Financials page.




The Tanzie Project (TTP), its officers, directors, or authorized agents make no representation of the behavior or actions of direct or indirect volunteers, direct or indirect agents, or third-party volunteers or agents conducted outside of the scope of TTP’s mission. In no event shall TTP be held liable or responsible for any improper, unethical, or illegal behavior or actions by direct or indirect volunteers, direct or indirect agents, or third-party volunteers or agents conducted outside of the scope of TTP’s mission. If at any point TTP's directors, officers, or authorized agents determine actions or behaviors exist that are in direct violation of TTP standards, processes, protocols, ethics, beliefs, values, and/or legal and fiduciary responsibilities, whether outside the scope of TTP’s mission or under false pretenses in support of TTP’s mission, TTP's directors, officers, or authorized agents reserve the right to cease desist any and all support and communication with such indirect volunteers, direct or indirect agents, or third-party volunteers or agents described above.

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The Tanzie Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, incorporated in Virginia (EIN: 81-1006591).


We support global animal rescue and adoption through networking and volunteers.

Our mission is to bring awareness and support to saving the forgotten, homeless pets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other areas of the Balkan Peninsula.  

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