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Approx 1.5 years old
Large, around 40 kg

Ghost was found in February 2017 as a puppy with his brother Clay and 4 other siblings.  He had some skin issues but they were resolved quickly.  Ghost was, and remains, the one with trust issues.  He does not trust strangers and won't approach them.  He does not have problems with the person who cares for him.  

His rescuers successfully trained him to get out of the shelter and into the car and go for walks, but there are definitely issues of him trusting just anyone. He trusts only people he knows.  With other dogs it’s hard to say.  Some dogs he definitely doesn't have problems with but some dogs he will react to.  He does live in a small pack and he didn't have any problems with those dogs except once he attacked one of them . He is a dog who will need someone with a lot of experience to handle and to work with.  

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