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Approximately 5 months old as of April 2018
Medium size right now, around 12 kg at approximately 5 months old

This is Linus.  His rescuers found him in terrible condition, he was maybe just 2 kg if not even smaller.  He had terrible skin issues, but today 3 months later everything is good.  He skin issues are fixed, he is healthy and he is ready to be adopted!  He is middle size right now, around 12 kg, about 5 months old, vaccinated but not neutered yet.  Linus loves to play!  Attention is his middle name, cuddling is something he loves and he enjoys getting close to people.  Kids are not a problem, he lives with two at the moment.  He is currently in a pansion/foster in Sarajevo.  He lives inside, but is not completely housebroken yet.

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