PLEASE NOTE: Dingo has had a fairly traumatic past. As a result, we recommend he would be best be suited in a home with no other dogs, and with a family who has patience. He isn’t good with other dogs, but is great with people.


Our rescue partner, Nina, was at a vet when a lady walked in with Dingo. He was covered in blood and had multiple injuries. The lady said she wasn’t his owner, that she found him after he was hit by a car.  She dropped him off at the vet and left. Well Nina stepped in and stayed with him until a vet could exam him.  According to the vet, Dingo’s injuries resembled those that may have been sustained in a dog fight.

Nina decided to take him back to her shelter and nurse him back to health.After few weeks with her, he was a good healthy dog. He loved other dogs and was very calm. However, in order to stay in compliance with her permitted capacity, Nina was ordered to transfer several dogs to different shelters.


Unfortunately, Dingo’s temporary shelter was not a pleasant place. But when Nina had more available space in her shelter, she went to take him back. She noticed he had changed significantly -- he was very scared of other dogs. He would not socialize. He is also not good with small dogs. So far she has built his confidence to tolerate one other dog, so she keeps him in a space with that dog and he has been doing very well.  But he is still scared of large number of dogs.

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We support global animal rescue and adoption through networking and volunteers.

Our mission is to bring awareness and support to saving the forgotten, homeless pets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other areas of the Balkan Peninsula.  


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