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I've always had a passion for animals, and couldn't believe when my sister, Katie, wanted to start The Tanzie Project. I was so discouraged to hear about what she saw and experienced with Bosnia's dogs, and just had to offer help where I could.

I first started as Tanzie's Secretary, later shifting focus to what I enjoy the most, which is spreading the word about our cause as Outreach Manager! That passion transformed into the role I serve in now as Operations Manager, where I have the humbling job of making "furever" stories come true by ensuring all things Tanzie - from social media, to adoptions, to transports, and fundraising - run smoothly.

Now, I even have 2 furry Bosnians of my own - Pika and Daisy Rae! Our two Bosnian terrors…They roll through the house together like a tornado and once they finish ‘ruff-housing’ they come find us for some snuggle time. We are so grateful for the joy they have brought us along with some frustration but we could not imagine life without them. If we could adopt them all we would. In the meantime we will continue to spread the word about the Tanzie Project and adopt more Bosnians dogs in the future!

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