Apprx 1 yr old


Kodi is a sweet boy who is having hard time on the streets, our rescue partner believes he use to be a household dog that someone dumped on the street. Last month he was hit by a car,and his leg was broken,our rescue partner took him to the vet where he had surgery to implement a little metal bar to fix his bone. He is still limping, this boy all wants is cuddles when our rescue partner visits him. The rest of the dogs on the street attack him and he is always alone as pack is not accepting him.He urgently needs a home as he will not survive on the streets alone. Good with people.


Can you save sweet Kodi from the street?


Kodi currently lives on the streets in Tuzla(city in Bosnia),our rescue partner visits him to feed him. If you are interested in giving furver home to Kodi please first make inquiry if he is available.Since Kodi lives on the streets we want to check in with our rescue partner to ensure he is still available for adoption. If Kodi gets serious adopter/foster he will be placed in a shelter to secure him for transport to you.

Kodi Feb 2018
Kodi Feb 2018
Kodi Feb 2018
Kodi After Surgery
Kodi X ray
Koi X Ray
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