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Apprx 3 months old

Vaccinated DHPP(not yet with rabies shot but will be soon once he turns 4 months),not yet neutered due to being young.


Lole was rescued at last minute with his siblings. Dogcatchers got them on the street and were going to take them to a terrible public shelter. Our rescue partners got notified that dogcatchers have them and after long discussion with the people they were able to get them off the truck.


Lole currently stays at pansion with his siblings and other dogs. He is great little puppy that would be great family dog. He did hurt his head a little bit by playing rough and got a bump on his head,which got infected,however,he was taken to a vet and is now feeling much better.Ready to travel in 2 months.

Lole May 2018
Lole with brothers
Lole may 2018
Lole with his brother
Lole Eating
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