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Roughly 3 weeks ago, our rescue partner in Bosnia was notified her shelter would be forced to shut down in 30 days, and her permit would be revoked. This is not due to her maintenance of the shelter but rather a result of the disheartening greed corruption found across Bosnia.  If any dogs are found on her premises after the deadline, they will be inhumanely killed. Unfortunately, Bosnia does not enforce it's animal welfare laws, so animals face terrible fates in public shelters.


Because of our amazing supported, we were able to move 45 DOGS in those 30 days, and the authorities gracious granted us an extension through Dec. 28. We now have the remaining 43 dogs to move, and need your help!!!

Currently scheduled dogs will be pictured below with their fundraisers, or you can donate to our generic travel fundraiser. 

We'll also need help scheduling transports, coordinating adoptions, and doing other logistical things. Email us if you'd like to help us!

Fifteen of her remaining dogs have a change to go to the U.K., but they each need $344 for transport costs. We really need all the help we can get for these dogs, pictured below. For more information on our progress, visit our 30-Day Campaign page.

We are a nonprofit under IRS code 501(c)(3), so donations are tax-deductible. Please consider saving one of these dogs. 


See below to donate via YouCaring or securely via our website. If donating for a specific dog, please add the name to the comments section of the form(s).

Prefer PayPal?    >>    DONATE




Sharing is caring! If you can't help in any of the other ways, gives us some "shares," "tweets," and "tags," and that will be an immense help in itself! We'll be constantly updating our social media pages with the latest status on these dogs.

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