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Born many many moons ago (definitely considered vintage at this point) and raised in Germany, I immigrated to the United States in 2006. I lived in California and Oklahoma, once my husband left active duty with the Marine Corps, we settled in the Chicago area.


I have two amazing kids, and three crazy dogs and of course my wonderful husband. My husband would say, my hobbies are: crafting, sewing and volunteering - haha.

I had no idea how many dogs and cats are killed in this country daily, just because people don't believe in spay and neuter/or backyard breed.

Once I found out, I started volunteering for local rescues, fostered dogs, set up transports, fundraisers etc etc.  I also fostered dogs from overseas for another rescue (Puppy Rescue Mission) and through that, found out about the Tanzie Project. I feel very connected to this cause, because Nina, the main rescuers we support, has lived in Germany, speaks German and many of the street dogs go to Germany and of course because...dogs!

Dogs have become a big part of my life. I love knowing that I can help make a difference for these dogs, even from here - The Tanzie Project is a wonderful group of people around our founder Katie and of course Tanzie, and I am proud to be part it. 

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