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Appx 3 yrs old.

25cm tall ,length 45 cm(from tail to his nose).

This little boy weighs only 3kg,vaccinated against rabies,neutered. Good with people and other dogs.Srecko currently stays with puppies,het gets along well with them.He is calm dog and at times playful.He is friendly with people.Has demodex currently on therapy(Bravceto). Has hair loss from demodex on his back. Demodex is easily cured by good nutrition, bravceto tablets,and lots of fish oil. Unfortunately due to lack of funds our rescue partner is not able to provide him with best nutrition to boost up his immune system to be able to get rid of the demodex.


Srecko Story:

He has been with our rescue partner since December 2017,was tagged on facebook post someone posted there is dog in front some building and Velimir(his rescuer) went and got him.His rescuer thinks he use to be household dog that someone dumped on the street.

Currently located in Srebrenica,Bosnia.

Srecko 2018-08 pic1
Srecko 2018-08 pic5
Srecko 2018-08 pic6
Srecko 2018-08 pic4
Srecko 2018-08 pic2
Srecko 2018-08 pic3
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