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Apprx 1 yr and 3 months


9 kg and 30 cm tall,length  76cm.

Currently in foster by our rescue partner.Housebroken,good on leash,prefers women and children.Scared of man would need slow introduction.Good with the other dog in the house.


Tufnica Story:

Our rescue partner found her by the river,cold and terrified apparently dumped by owners. She moved her away from there and made her a nice house outside, but same day somebody threw it. Tufnica was sitting there in front of this building alone and scared. A crazy neighbor, an elderly man, was yelling at her, throwing rocks and kicking her.


Rescue Partner:”One night it was windy and cold I couldn't stand her suffering and took her inside my apartment. It took some time to socializes her.When we took her ,her mouth was so dry for days I thought she had diabetes. We gave her all our love and attention and she is now a different dog. But...she still has issues. She is defensive around men, with hats and in boots. She loves women and children.

95 percent of time she is just loving, tame, even funny little dog,doing really funny things. Intelligent above average, resolving logical tests with an ease. Around she is one of a kind, although at the beginning she barked at my dad and my sister. Now she can jump on their heads they love her. But, sometimes, not always, she reacts to certain men the way she does. She hasn't actually bitten anyone ever.”

Can you give Tufnica furever home?

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