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The Tanzie Project, Inc. is a 501c3 registered nonprofit, incorporated in Virginia.


We support global animal rescue and adoption through networking and volunteers.

Our mission is to bring awareness and support to saving the forgotten, homeless pets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other areas of the Balkan Peninsula.  


© 2020  |  The Tanzie Project, Inc.




This "pawfect" pair has had quite a remarkable journey. From being rescued from a river canyon, to a chance meeting with Katie in 2015, to losing a chance at a transport to Germany... they finally got a once in a lifetime chance to come to the USA -- and having fate on their side. 



Ice and Blue are truly one of the most unique of Tanzie's rescue stories. They were rescued in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and lived in Nina's shelter with roughly 90 other dogs. Katie actually met Ice on a snowy Easter Sunday in 2015, when visiting Nina's shelter.  Katie took special note of her because of her eyes - their piercing color stuck with her as Ice pushed her nose through the rebar kennel gate. Little did she know that she and Ice would be reunited a year and a half later in America!

Ice and Blue were part of the "April 36," --a group of 36 dogs who had the chance to find homes in German in April, 2016. All funds were raised for these dogs to be transported, but right before they were all supposed to leave, the quarantine lost water supply and could not take the dogs. That meant they would miss their chance to leave for Germany.

Since then, Tanzie's team has worked diligently to find homes for those 36. And of course, two of them were Ice and Blue. In the beginning of October, 2016, they had the chance to fly from Sarajevo into Boston with a woman flying home to the U.S. -- in a week...!! That meant funds had to be raised, and either a foster or forever home had to be found. In a week -- a seemingly impossible task!


Tanzie's followers fell in love with these two and funds were raised in record time! The two flew from Sarajevo into Boson on Oct. 13, 2016, and were driven down to meet Tanzie's pack in Virginia -- with only a week of planning to get them here, Katie hadn't secured them a forever home, so she and Walker decided to take the two in and foster.

After 3 months of no adoption prospects, Katie started to lose hope, and wonder if maybe they'd become permanent family members. But as fate would have it, Ice & Blue found the "pawfect" family, 10 minutes down the road from Tanzie! Who knew a flyer at the local vets office would spark an interest in a family, who was unable to adopt them when they first became available?

This wonderful mother-daughter duo had recently lost their beloved Husky. She was ill and had to visit the local vet for weekly treatments. During those visit, they had seen the adoption poster of Ice & Blue hanging on the bulletin board. Since they had their current pup and couldn't take on two more, they just followed their story on social media. Unfortunately their Husky had passed away just before the holiday season. To honor her memory, they made a donation to Tanzie, and Tanzie's mom noticed they lived in the same city. She emailed to thank them, and ask how they found out about TTP -- and surprise, it was because they went to the same vet as Tanzie!



In January, the mother and daughter talked with Katie and decided they wanted to meet Blue and Ice. And it truly was fate -- although the loss of their girl was detrimental, her illness brought them into the vet where they saw Blue and Ice.  They were drawn to the pair and applied to adopt them. Katie knew they were the perfect family -- and, they were close, so Tanzie could have play-dates with them!

Now the two former Bosnian street dogs are spoiled beyond belief -- they get steak omletes, fasionable harnesses, and even weekly "spa" days at the vet's office. Starting as an unfortunate situation where they lost a chance to live in Germany, then not being able to find a home for several months in the USA, was all meant to be -- their forever family had been waiting for them, and it took another Husky to help bring them all together.