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Rafo the German Shepherd was saved from an owner that was going to shoot him. When our rescue partner, Nina, saved him in October 2015, he was full of lice and worms, and his immune system was in very bad shape. 

A family in Virginia noticed his photos in the fundraiser TTP had for his vet expenses and instantly fell in love. They told Tanzie and her team that Rafo was meant to be part of their family! It took nearly a year of planning and logistics, but Rafo and four other Bosnian rescues, known as the "Fab 5," were our first transatlantic transport to the USA in August 2016.

Rafo brings so much joy into our lives. We are so grateful we were able to save him.

We first saw pictures of Rafo about 2 years ago shortly after Nina rescued him. He was so sick, but one look at him and we knew he had to become one of the family.  The Tanzie Project worked tirelessly for months making it happen, and our dream became a reality one sunny August day in 2016. I remember seeing him for the first time at the airport, we all cried. He was very sick in Bosnia, but well on his way to good health when he arrived.


He is the happiest dog I’ve ever known. He’s never grumpy or moody, just happy to be alive!  Always has a toy in his mouth and loves to lounge around on a lazy day.   He does have a chronic medical condition that will always need monitored, but that does not stop him!  He fits in perfectly with our eclectic mix of mutts!  One thing I’ve learned from this experience is never give up, perseverance pays off in the end! 


One thing that was a little scary during this experience was not knowing what to expect when he arrived. What if he was didn’t like us or our other pups?  He’s so easy going, no major issues with him. We love him to the moon and back!  We will be forever grateful for Tanzie for getting our boy was a long journey but well worth it!" 

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