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So much Southern shenanigans!

Hey Y’all! Do you like my Southern accent? I’ve been in Virginia for about 6 months now so I consider myself a southern gentleman!

First of all I want to thank everpawdy for helping me get here - I know it cost a LOT of money for my plane ticket! My family tells me all the time how grateful they are that I am here…my mom says I’ll always be a Bosnian at heart, and to never forget where I came from.

I sometimes think about my former life and all my cousins still there. I hope that more of them can come to the wonderful USA. I also miss my other mom, Nina. My furever mom says if it wasn’t for mama Nina who fought so hard for me, I would not be around anymore, because I was very sick for a while…not sure what all that means, but it doesn’t sound good!!

Things are good here in Va! I’m learning manners and doing really well at that! My dad calls me goofy because I’m always so happy and I gallop thru the house like a horse! My fur sister Rylee is trying to teach me how to be the family guard dog. She says that the previous 2 shepherds that lived here were very protective, and since they’ve both gone to the Rainbow Bridge, she has taken over. She is doing a really good job at it too; she is a Kuchi from Afghanistan and can be pretty fierce!

Mom laughed at me over the holidays because every time the UPS driver came to the house I just wanted to say hi and give kisses! So, I don’t know how much of a guard dog I’ll be after all…

I also have a fur brother. He’s pretty strange looking and I try not to laugh at him. Mom says he had a really ruff life also because he used to be a race dog, and I need to be nice to him, so I’m trying my best.

My FAVORITE part of my new life is my hooman brother Logan! I get to sleep with him every night, and it’s PAWESOME! He has a big bed and I love to stretch out and take up the whole thing! He plays with me all the time and gives me hugs and kisses!

Did I tell you that I love to ride in the car? When my mom or dad run errands, they take either me or my sister with them! I LOVEEE to go for rides! One time we went on a really long ride and when we finally stopped we were at the beach! I was a little unsure of the water but I was with my boy and will go anywhere with him! We went swimming every night - the only bad part of that was the bath afterwards! Oh boy I hated that! Dad says we have a lot more vacations and swimming coming up, so I’m getting super excited fore more southern shenanigans!

I think I’ve talked enough for now….it’s getting close to my nap time and I can’t miss that! I’ll check in with y’all again real soon!

**Me & my hooman, Logan!! **

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