Meet sweet Sam! Sam is a former street dog from Bosnia who's been in a foster home since this summer. Unfortunately his foster family had some unexpected life changes, and can no longer foster him past January. We're hoping to find Sam a "furever" home, but even a temporary foster home would help tremendously. 

Sam is approximately 3.5 years old, and is such a sweet loving dog. He is weary of people he does not know at first but once you establish a bond with him, he wants nothing but to be loved on and given kisses. He warms up faster to women than men. 

He has shown no signs of aggression at all towards humans or other animals. Sam only arrived to the U.S. in August of this year, so he is still scared of unfamiliar things, but has made incredible progress.

Sam is housebroken and has been making wonderful progress with not having to go potty early in the morning. He LOVES other dogs, and truly enjoys being apart of a pack. Sam is working on his leash skills, since he was very skittish when he arrived, his fosters have been taking leash training slow. 

If shown patience and compassion Sam would make someone a wonderful companion. His ability to have gone through so much and still be such a loving, trusting and wonderful dog is humbling. 

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The Tanzie Project, Inc. is a 501c3 registered nonprofit, incorporated in Virginia.


We support global animal rescue and adoption through networking and volunteers.

Our mission is to bring awareness and support to saving the forgotten, homeless pets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other areas of the Balkan Peninsula.  


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