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From 'street' to 'chic': My American Journey

Hi everypawdy!!! Happy Sunday!

I felt like sharing some of thoughts going through my head...but I know talking about squirrels and walks wouldn't really interest you all that much. So, let's talk about THIS!

Most of you all know I had my "2-years-in-the-USA" anniversary on Jan. 12, but I was SO busy celebrating and having a "pawty" that I didn't really get to share how pawsitively happy I am to be American!

In my first year in the USA, I swam in the ocean, climbed a mountain, rode in an elevator (wow, THAT was weird!!), went on a camping trip, rode on a BOAT (that was my favorite), and went wine tasting, to mention a few of my most favorite "firsts!" I know most of you know about those excursions because I posted all sorts of pictures!

But what I didn't share was how weird my transition was after I arrived...after I flew in that big noisy airplane, my dad drove me to my new home with him and my new siblings, Benji and Bella (mom was still in Sarajevo for a few more months). It was so difficult for me at first, because I had no idea what a couch was, what a bed was, or why Benji and Bella would just lay outside and sunbathe instead of trying to kill every animal or bird that crossed the yard - what a pair of LAZY MUTTS, I remember thinking...

All I wanted to do in the yard was bark at birds, dig lots and lots of holes, and hide under the deck. Dad kept yelling at me when he saw my BIG holes, which were dens I would lay in to stay cool. Didn't he already know that? Why would that make him mad? And then I got SO confused because he kept filling them IN! Didn't he know how much TIME it took me to dig that big hole!? Ugh, so inconsiderate!!

Since I couldn't lay in my dens anymore, I found a way to hide under the deck - I pushed and pushed on this plastic stuff called "lattice" until it gave way, and HOT DOG I made it under there! It was cool, dark, and quiet - just how I liked it :) One time when I was napping under there, dad kept calling for me because he didn't see me in the yard. I came crawling out from under the deck, and he looked angry..said I was all covered in spider webs..?? Don't know what those are, duh... Anyways, next time I went outside and wanted to go under the deck, the lattice stuff was back up, and it was extra secured. Dad and I CLEARLY weren't on the same page...

Eventually I got used to my new home and routine..I basically would watch what Benjia and Bella would do, and just follow suit. And paw my gosh, would you believe it took me "ruffly" 3 months to finally jump up on the couch and lay with my dad? Previously, every time he put me on there, I would just jump right off. I didn't feel comfortable on something so soft...I liked the floor, or more preferable, the dirty ground outside. But I always saw Benji and Bella sleeping on that couch, looking so peaceful...finally, I got the nerve to just "let it go" like Elsa and Anna, and BOY am I so glad I did!

After that, I just HAD to be on the couch ALL the TIME! Then I decided "Woah, let's try the dog beds next!" WOW I had no idea what I had been missing!! No wonder Benji and Bella were either always in the beds, or on the couch...time to SPRAWL OUT...YAWN...!!

I also remembered dad kept trying to get me to stay on the big bed upstairs in my first days here (he called it the "nite-nite-bed"..?), but of course, I wanted to hide under it and sleep there instead. Being on this new adventurous streak, I figured, "Why not try this BIG bed...?" I must have thought out loud, because Benji looked at me and said, "OHH yea, you're going to love that memory foam!! But just DON'T take MY spot...!" I had never heard of memory foam before, so I jumped on that bed -- I felt my body enveloped by a cloud of heavenly awesomeness, and in that very moment, I was hooked! From then on it was nite-nite-bed ALL the time, anytime: morning, afternoon, evening, before bed, after bed, ALL the time!!!

So I'd say about 5 months in the USA, I started to really "get it." By then mommy had returned home, and I was pawsitively overjoyed! She gave me treats when she left for work, treats when she came home from lunch, treats when she would leave again, treats when she came home from work, and TREATS and TREATS and TREATS! I had never eaten so many treats in my LIFE! And I LOVED IT!

In Sarajevo, I had to be alert all the time. I couldn't relax or play for too long. All I knew was I had to find food and water during the day, and keep myself safe at night. Well, I also had to keep safe during the day - sometimes these people would come and take my fur friends away...and they would never come back to play. I had to make sure they didn't get me too.

The whole point of this blog entry is to say, that all of us street dogs need some time to adjust to domesticated life. It took me a little while, but now I'm fat, happy, and glued to my dog beds -- I even get gourmet meals served to me by dad, and spa days with my mom!

So, if you find it in your heart to want to adopt one of us...crazy, "vicious," dirty, smelly, and skinny Sarajevo street dogs...we may test you in the beginning, but it's just because we are learning new things. Once we figure it all out, we will be the most loving companions you could ever ask for...just look at me! From street to chic!

All we ask is that you just take a chance on won't be disappointed, I "pawmise!"

**Me in Sarajevo, December 2014...I look pretty "ruff," don't I??**

**Before I was Tanzie, she was "Puppy Girl"...a Bosnian stray who stole my mommy's heart!**

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