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America's two newest citizens: Dzeki & Belle!

PAW my GOSH! Look at the newest American citizens!! Belle and Dzeki had quite the journey over the weekend of May 13-15! Check out the itinerary of a rescue dog below the photo gallery!

Since landing in NYC May 14, Belle has been napping and making herself quite at home. We can’t wait for her to meet her Bosnian cousin, Rex! While Belle was recovering, Dzeki took a long road-trip down to VA, May 15, meeting both Tanzie AND his new fur brother, Blue! While it was a bittersweet greeting without Blue’s beloved sister, Miss Ice, it was still an amazing dream come true! After 4 long years in a shelter, Dzeki now has a place to call home. These “furever” stories wouldn’t be pawsible without all of you.

A huge “paw-pump” (i.e., a very special Tanzie thanks!) to the following very ”impawtant” people:

  • Dzeki's rescuers Biljana and Maja for taking such good care of Dzeki this entire time

  • Belle’s new mom (and family) who traveled with the pair from Bosnia and made sure they arrived safely

  • Volunteer Amanda and her family who saved the day and drove 5 hours round trip last night to make sure Dzeki had a place to crash

  • The drivers who relayed Dzeki down to his new home in Virginia today!

  • Dzeki’s Fairy Dog Mom Danielle who sponsored his food and shelter expenses for the last 4 years to make sure he stayed safe until he found his furever family!

For those who don’t know Dzeki's story, it's quite special. After spending more than 1,580 days in private shelters in Tuzla, Bosnia, he found a family. His rescuers in Tuzla first found him on the streets in 2017. They saw how special he and his 8 original pack members were and decided to keep them safe in different shelters until their “pawfect” families found them. Dzeki was the longest shelter resident of any of the Tanzie dogs in Tuzla, watching all of his original packmates - including his bestie Teo now residing in Alaska - find furever homes in the USA & Europe.

Perhaps the most pawesome news of all is WHO ended up adopting Dzeki…Blue and Ice’s family! After the devastating loss of sweet Ice, they wanted to honor her memory by saving another dog in need. It’s a bittersweet joy, because we know they miss Ice so much and she can never be replaced. But we were so pawprectiative of their big hearts and can’t pawlieve they are welcoming Dzeki into their family!

Thank you all so much for “suppawting” the life-saving work we do! This is what it’s all about!

View photos below or more photos on Facebook.

The itinerary of Bosnian American rescue dog:

​May 13

May 14

May 15

May 16

1. Start in Mostar and Tuzla, Bosnia

2. Hitch a ride for the 5 hour trip to Belgrade airport, Serbia

3. Stay overnight (by themselves!) at the airport (required by airliine)

  1. Depart Belgrade in the afternoon

  2. Spend 9ish hours in the airplane cargo

  3. Land in New York, USA!

  4. Get taken off the plane to cargo building

  5. Spend 2 hours in crates waiting for the customs process

  6. Belle - begin new life with family in NYC

  7. Dzeki - start trip to VA, which requires a 2 hour trip to PA for an overnight stay

Belle - sleep off the big trip


  1. 8am-3pm: Drive from PA to NJ, to MD, to VA (change car 5 times) and head to Tanzie's house!

  2. 4pm: Arrive at Tanzie's house, meet Tanzie briefly before taking a nap

  3. 7pm: Dzeki's new family arrives at Tanzie's house and PAWTY!

Belle - still sleeping off the trip, doing just a little sightseeing around the neighborhood

Dzeki - also till sleeping off the big trip before heading to his new family's house in Hampton, VA!


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