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In Loving Memory: Ice

Friends, it’s with the heaviest of hearts that I share this news. Our beloved Ice, AKA Eiswürfel, unexpectedly crossed the rainbow bridge in her sleep on March 5. Her family and all of us at Team Tanzie are beyond devastated. Ice was one of our original Bosnian rescues - Tanzie’s mom Katie even met Ice when she was deployed in 2015, never expecting to actually see her again, let alone foster her with her partner-in-crime, Blue, for 3 months before finding the perfect family.

Anyone who’s followed Tanzie for even a short time knows this pair - Blue and Ice, the Bosnian huskies. Ice was so loved, not just by her family, but Tanzie’s followers, her rescuers in Bosnia, and everyone that met her. Ice and Blue frequented Tanzie’s outreach events, always showing their “suppawt” for the cause! Ice was a perfect ambassador, proving that a seemingly worthless animal who was thrown out like trash could blossom into such a sassy, loyal, and loving companion.

Ice’s mom Jen says her felt-like ears were the softest things you’d touch. Ice was unapologetically Ice - she knew what she liked and didn’t like, and made sure you knew it too! She had the cutest stature. She was the fastest “slow” dog out there - one minute you’d watch her moseying at a snail’s pace, but then the next minute, she’d be clear across the dog park!

Ice survived more hardship in her early years than she ever deserved. Her “furever” story began when our friend Nina first rescued her in 2015 after she was thrown in a ravine. Nina took excellent care of Ice until the beginning of October, 2016, when she and buddy Blue had the chance to fly to the U.S. with just a week’s notice. After a whirlwind fundraiser and transport coordination, the two flew from Sarajevo to Boston on Oct. 13, 2016. Thanks to Doobert volunteers, the iconic duo were driven down to meet Tanzie's pack in Virginia. Not having found a home yet, Tanzie excitedly welcomed Blue and Ice to crash with her! The Bosnian huskies blended in beautifully, becoming instant buddies with Tanzie’s fur-siblings Bella and Benji. Benji instantly fell in love with Miss Ice, making every attempt to court her like a true gentleman!

After 3 months of no adoption prospects, as if by fate, Ice and Blue found the "pawfect" family, 10 minutes down the road from Tanzie! Their new mom Jen and human sister Ashley fell in love instantly! The two former Bosnian street dogs were spoiled beyond belief -- they got steak omelets, fashionable harnesses, and even weekly "spa" days at the vet's office! Ice and Blue became the talk of the local dog park, always receiving compliments on their striking beauty and loveable personalities. They even made it their mission to befriend their new kitty sisters, never taking it personally when Princess and Squeaky ran and hid!

There’s so much to say about Ice, more than we can even write here. We do have her story captured in her “Furever Story” on Tanzie’s webpage, as well as the article from Doobert documenting their memorable journey from Bosnia. We’ll place those links below for those who want to read more about this captivating girl.

Ice, you will be missed tremendously by so, so many of us. Your family – both immediate and global – will never be the same without you. Thank you for the light and inspiration you brought into this world. We hope you’re enjoying yourself with so many remarkable companions before you…your fur-sister Nakima, your “boyfriend” Benji, and fellow Bosnian rescues Rafo, Bambi, Djecak, Mouse, and Gurda.

We’d also like to thank all the gracious people who helped make Ice’s “furever” life possible - her rescuers in Bosnia, the donors who funded her trip, the flight partner who brought her and Blue over, the volunteers who drove and housed them on their trip from Boston to VA, and of course, her amazing “furever” family, Jen and Ashley. Because of wonderful, giving people like you, we can #savebosnianstrays like miss Ice. 🌫️🐾

Rescue Story:

Transport Story:


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