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Tanzie celebrates 3 years of saving Bosnian strays!

Paw my GOSH!! Today is my 3 Years as a Nonprofit Anniversary!!! Can you pawlieve it!? I sure can't!! The Tanzie Project became a nonprofit corporation Feb. 18, 2016, and boy, what a crazy journey it's been!! I surely couldn't have made it without your suppawt, Team Tanzie! Since we started, we've helped rehome 301 former Bosnian street dogs (me being the very first, pawfcourse...) and raised more than $180K to rescue, feed, treat, and rehome the forgotten dogs of Bosnia. Check out my pawesome infographic below to see all the stats - and it's all because of YOU! See, I've told you all along...together, we WILL #savebosnianstrays!! 🇧🇦️🐾💕

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