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Sarajevo sisters & second chances

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there were these super cute doggies. They lived in a not so happy place and it wasn’t good for any doggies. However, it was better than nowhere, that’s for sure and at least they got a little food now and then thanks to an angel named Nina. So as you can see in this picture here, me & my siblings, the Furry Four, were managing and dreaming of a better life one day! That’s me in the way back with my brothers Reese and BooBoo up front, and sister Bazzi in the middle doing her thing aka “talking.”

One day, Miss Nina arrived with a couple of friends and some VERY exciting news! "Babies, you are going to America, the land of freedom, food and lots of love!"

We didn’t know what that meant but we liked the pretty ladies and said “woof, woof, woof!” ...which roughly translated means “let’s GO already”. We were nervous but excited -- this was our chance!

Here is the rest of the "tail" –

Traveling to America was really scary, so I cuddled up into a very tiny ball in the back of this big piece of flying plastic just hoping that whatever was coming was better than what I had left! It helped to have my brothers Reese and Heath (now BooBoo) cuddled up with me!

After a very long time (after all, dog time is MUCH different than your human time), we felt this horrific bump, screech and slid to a stop. Then the next thing we knew a door opened and we smelled fresh, clean air. It was dark outside and that made us all relieved -- we could always escape into the darkness if this was a trick!

Our plastic walls began to slide and move around and all the sudden it was very bright and noisy. We were in an airport called Dulles, whatever that means! Pretty soon we heard Miss Jamie, who flew along with us to make sure we got here safely, and she was talking to people! These strange people were making very strange, high-pitched noises at us. It was terrifying.

Then they opened our plastic walls and tried to pick us up, which was just completely unacceptable! We all shrank back into the walls, hoping to become invisible. But these people were not deterred at all!

This is me and my mommy, Rebecca, moments after I came out of that plastic thing called a crate. I remember thinking, "She seems nice, but I’ll run if she lets go of me." That’s what we dogs do when we are frightened. But as you can see by this picture of me and Aunty Michelle, I didn’t get away and I was starting to like this place called America.

As it turned out, I was a little bit sick and I had to stay at this place called the "vet" for some treatments while my brothers and sister got back in those plastic boxes and flew off to Texas. I was so sad! All alone, not feeling very good, I got really scared again. The next day a really pretty lady and her daughter came to see me.

I was really happy when I realized I was going with them! PAWSome! Without boring you all to certain tears, I will say that this lady who is my Aunty Andrea and her daughter, Tina, drove my fluffy self back to that dreadful airport I came from and suddenly I heard a voice I remembered: it was the lady Rebecca who was going to be my mommy! Although she didn’t know it then, I knew, because I’m a dog. And dogs are smart! Here I’ll prove it -- look at this picture of me and my daddy!

I was so cute and fluffy I just stole my daddy’s heart with a touch of my paw and a loving gaze deep into his eyes the day Mommy brought me home to “foster” me.

Bark Out Loud! Collar, leash and harness he fell for me and I knew in that moment that I was HOME fur-ever!

But the adventure was far from over! My sister Bazzi (formerly Rusty/Lizzie) was still down in Texas and I just KNEW she needed to be here with me too! I thought my brother BooBoo found his forever home in Florida, but I guess he didn't want to be there...he ran away and got lost in the SWAMPS!! So the other Miss Michelle who watched them in Texas thought maybe Bazzi could help lure him out of the swamps. WELL, I don’t really know what on EARTH Bazzi was thinking when she went on a very long walk in those swamps trying to find BooBoo, but SHE GOT LOST TOO!! I mean she wasn’t even CLOSE to where he was hiding. It scared everyPAWdy so much, but eventually those two goofballs decided to come back and Miss Michelle said “you two are never running away again” and put them in a car and drove them back to Texas! Yes she did!

So...then what?

Well, it seemed pretty simple -- all I had to do was get Daddy to tell Mommy that “we are going to adopt Bazzi, she will never be without a family” and that was pretty much it! They bought us a lovely country home, asked Aunty Ami to put Bazzi on a plane, and just like that, we were reunited once again.

Sisters together, fur-ever! Second chances really DO exist! And now here we are in our wonderful country backyard, together at last!

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