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Just $21 can save a dog's life

Sponsor a dog in need and become a "Fairy Dog Parent."

Team Tanzie! We’re pawsitively excited to relaunch our monthly donor program! You may have heard us mention our “Fairy Dog Parents”... aka FDPs -- they are a pawsitively special kind of donor because they sponsor/”virtually adopt” a specific dog and cover their monthly expenses! When you become an FDP, you make a life-saving donation for these doggies, and in return, you receive monthly “pupdates” via email with photos and stories of their journey to their furever home. Some FDPs even just donate monthly to help us cover general expenses - or just donate one time to help us as needed! We’re relaunching this program starting first with doggies who need the least amount of monthly expenses covered, because we know times are tough for everypawdy. Today starts our Week 1 Sponsorships for dogs who need just $21/month - and each week we will introduce you to new doggies, who over 7 weeks, will range up to $140/month. You may be asking yourself, "why become a monthly donor?" Well, let me “expawlain.” The Tanzie Project is committed to finding homes/caring for each and every dog in our rescue partners' care. Until the day our fur-friends find their furever homes, we ensure the dogs are kept safe and fed. That's where you come in! Please consider a monthly donation - the animals depend on it! Please view the photos of this week’s sponsorable dogs. Donate via then choose your payment method, select “make a recurring donation,” and comment with the name of the dog you're sponsoring!

WEEK 1: $21/month Food only Tiger, Chicca, Nera (Sponsorship covers $18/month in program expenses; $3 general expenses)

WEEK 2: $25/month

Food only

Sienna, Tristan, Igy

(Sponsorship covers $22/month in program expenses; $3 general expenses)

WEEK 3: $50/month

Shelter & Food costs

Athena, Alice, Annie, or Ava

(Sponsorship covers $43/month in program expenses; $7 general expenses) WEEK 4: $60/month

Shelter and food costs

Coco, Ruby, Maya WEEK: $70 month

Shelter & Food costs

Dexter, Doro, Ollie

(Sponsorship covers $60/month in program expenses; $10 general expenses)

WEEK 6: $110/month

Shelter & food costs

Curo & Vucko

(Please note - all monthly calculations include 15% to cover general expenses such as payment processing fees, admin expenses, and overhead, rounded to the next dollar. Any donation amount above the specified amount will go to cover general expenses.)


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