So much Southern shenanigans!

Hey Y’all! Do you like my Southern accent? I’ve been in Virginia for about 6 months now so I consider myself a southern gentleman!

First of all I want to thank everpawdy for helping me get here - I know it cost a LOT of money for my plane ticket! My family tells me all the time how grateful they are that I am here…my mom says I’ll always be a Bosnian at heart, and to never forget where I came from.

I sometimes think about my former life and all my cousins still there. I hope that more of them can come to the wonderful USA. I also miss my other mom, Nina. My furever mom says if it wasn’t for mama Nina who fought so hard for me, I would not be around anymore, because I was very sick for a while…not sure what all that means, but it doesn’t sound good!!